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Welcome To In-Ex Records

Browse around our shop and start streaming live, or if the rhythm really hits you why not download your favourite tracks directly from our platform. Be sure to check out our blog page, here you will find the latest updates on our artists alongside other entertainment news. Our on- the-go webcast is available to download straight to your internet browser. We are looking to add a variety of services including In-Ex Records very own Music Distribution Services

Montasia our latest signee is about to release a new electro reggae pop single, Emerson is best known for his songs made popular by TV shows in the mid 2000’s like Scrubs, and most notably his first single, All Because Of You, which was featured on Dawson’s Creek, and went to #22 on the Billboard chart. Subsequent singles went #28 and #33 respectively.


Finding talent
Overseeing the recording process
Music Distribution
Marketing and Promotion
Music Licensing
On-going support


Established Artists
Ppreferably singer/songwriters
Materials needs to be mastered ready
Indie artist’s considered

Established social media fanbase preferred

Cox Music Show and BTD Radio Season 8 | Episode 2 | Felch Mclean and Tovi Soul | Listen Live

‘Racist’ Ryanair passenger says he simply ‘lost his temper’

The issue got escalated after response from social media as to why now identified, “Mr Mesher” did not get “kicked off the flight”. This lead to a visit to the passenger’s address by the police.

Mr Mesher explained the reasons behind his anger and outrage that “it was an argument over seats”.

I’m not a racist person by any means and it’s just a fit of temper at the time, I think.

and issues an apology to the victims More

Mr Mesher should not be judged as we do not know what walks of life he has travelled, however he does appear as lacking “self confidence”

We do think that this is deemed as a “hate crime” and that the victims should be compensated by “Ryan Air”

COX MUSIC SHOW Season 8 | Episode 2 |