White Label Digital Music Distribution Platform That You Can Trust

In-Ex Records are delighted to announce that we are launching our very White Label Digital Music Distribution Services.

It has taken a year in the making after decisions were made having experiencing a very horrifying situation with another third party distributor A.I.M.A Aims International Music Agency whom re-registered “Works” in their aim to infringe Copyright, with major US Publisher Harry Fox Agency.

Picture shows one of the releases.

We tried distributing via other platforms to learn there is a “syndicated distribution chain” whom aim to exploit Creators and their copyrights. The latest news where the Sennate Passes The Music Modernisation Act, paving the way for big royalty changes was long overdue and much welcomed by us.

Distribution by In-Ex Records is a White Label Digital Music Distribution Platform. It allows any business or organization who are offering any kind of services to artists, to deliver their music to the world’s leading online digital music services.

Our Distribution Platform is due to be launched on Monday 21st October.