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Beres Brown


Born Beresford Brown (aka beres brown), this 29 Years old Rastafarian was born in St Catherine and attended Whitemall Junior High and presently resides in Central Village.

Beres has made a big leap from walking and selling lotion and cologne to one of the most sought after act on the Digital Rising star’s stage.and also performing at Rebel Salute’ in 2012.

This Jamaican ‘Sample’, as Nadine calls him, has been singing from the age of 12, inspired by men like ‘Peter Tosh’ and Garnet Silk. Having Beres has joined a group by the name of ANG (Alliance New Generation) owned by Bounty Killer whom is his mentor.

His latest releases ‘Weh She Come From’  and Time Is Now (album) is on the In-Ex Records Label.

Beres is also known as a song writer, writing some of his own songs, and even writing for other culture music artist’s such as Ginjah.


Originally shared by Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood
Review: “Time is Now’ Beres Brown Digital Album Release
I have listened to this diverse and dynamically talented Reggae Artist
over the past couple of months.
Admittedly, this has never been a genre with which I have completely connected.
That being said, I did love and respect Bob Marley who so well carried Reggae with a wide, Soul blend into the1970s, even touching some
“Blue-eyed Soul” and Motown, a carry-over from the genre roots
of the1960s.
In-ExRecords (@inexrecords) asked me to Review this pack
of Reggae tracks compiled make, ‘Time is Now,’ by Beres Brown.
I hence fourth became a good friend of this 2016 release by Beres.
He climbed from a humble and wisdom-gaining background of selling goods on the street to being:
“One of the most sought after acts on the Digital Rising Stars Stage.”
I jumped back to Beres Brown-2012 and came forward through much of his Music.
Initially I thought, “Dude has a deep voice”
My ears concurrent with my gut fairly quickly determined this as RIGHTEOUS PASSION, with vocal variability and depth.
A 70s Music chic, I am fortunate to know Bob Marley’s Music more so broadly than specifically.
This provided an excellent baseline in genre, quality and period.
Beres Brown also carries HIS OWN style of Reggae,
in which he pays homage to original roots creatively
and absolutely slams down a unique soul blend.
Beres drops an “Island party, get stuck in your head hook,”
with his song, “Pushi The Cart.” Love It!
Of course a Block Party, Club or Living Room can be an Island!
All about imagination and loving Music ‘tude!
You shall find a variety of like dance, “Sea-scene,” tunes
each with its own syncopated rhythm and “From his deepest recesses,” lyrics partner perfectly. BERES OWNS IT!
As a huge R&B fan I was blown away by this 35 year old effortlessly, smoothing this genre out within a number of his songs, each a new roll. This, only by real Soul-beams.
“My Baby,” was the narrow favorite of this flavor within the selection of tracks.
The genre influence doesn’t end there.
I know Funk when I hear it and my ears happily perked.
“My Love is Serious,” has some major Hip Hop seasoning.
The two featured Vocalists he used were perfect choices,
Dizzy Dust and Jareesha (Twice). Gal hits Rap speed, cool!
I had no idea on the real, how much I would enjoy this Music.
I am very selective choosing Music to which I listen for pleasure,
outside of “Old-school.”
I shall continue to listen to ‘ Time is Now ‘ for a long time and these tracks shall be party ready!
Point being, you lot shall definitely love it!!
Memorial Day coming! Perfect for a “Start of Summer Party!”
Beres, bravo dude!
All download and purchase information within.
Mary xxx
Brecon Indie Reviews