Sound-Exchange Makes History…..The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Music Modernization Act (H.R. 5447)

Sound-Exchange the non-profit collective rights management organization whom collect and distribute digital performance royalties for sound recordings on behalf of  music publishers, songwriters and digital service providers made history yesterday after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Music Modernization Act (H.R. 5447) by a unanimous vote – 415-0. 

Never has such consensus ever been seen on an issue of such importance to music creators, and the bipartisan support that they witnessed in the House, sends a clear message as music licensing reform moves to the Senate.

How will this benefit music creators?

  • Providing federal protection for sound recordings created prior to 1972 – this is an issue Sound-Exchange has advocated for on behalf of our artists and rights holders for nearly a decade;
  • Helping producers and engineers by formalizing Sound-Exchange’s long-time practice of honouring letters of direction from artists who opt to share royalties with other creative participants;
  • Creating a new collective modelled in large part after Sound-Exchange to manage digital mechanical rights for music publishers, songwriters and digital service providers;
  • Establishing a willing buyer / willing seller, marketplace-based standard when rates are set;
    Providing for significant changes in the way the courts overseeing the rate setting activities of ASCAP and BMI operate.


Now it’s time for the Senate to act and Sound-Exchange needs your help to contact your Senator in the Support Music Licensing Reform for Legacy Artists! and ask them to support a comprehensive Music Modernization Act package like the one approved by lawmakers in the House.

  • They are so close to fixing some of our nation’s outdated music licensing laws.
  • They are so close to guaranteeing that legacy artists are protected by federal copyright laws and fairly compensated for the use of their music.

In-Ex Records Publishing, welcomes this news open handed hence the reason for our formation

While not the end of our journey, this is a huge step forward that we all helped to make it happen.

Make your voice heard so we can make history again.