Pauley Lane Band


Pauley Lane is a blend of Rock & Roll and Americana music, with Country sitting in a corner watching.

Wyatt Pauley: guitar: songwriter: producer: vocal:

Steve Styles: bass guitar: keyboards: lead vocals

The Delerium Trees: Drew Jarvie: vocalist, multi-instrumentalist Steve Baker: guitarist, producer

Jam Tako: Jun: Drums, Back vocal, guitar, bass Akane: Vocal Miki: Keyboards, vocal



Is a blend of Rock & Roll and Americana music. Wyatt Pauley has toured the world and made his wildest dreams come true through music. Wyatt emerged from the South Florida music scene in the Early 90's in the pop group "Linear" achieving a Billboard top 5 single with "Sending All My Love", which was certified Gold in the US & Platinum, Colombia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Chile, and the Philippines.

Wyatt attended Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale and have stayed close friends with Charlie Pennachio since. After "Linear," Wyatt recorded and toured with "King Bria" opening for bands like "Hootie and the Blowfish" and "Brother Cane",and reunited in SoKo", on Atlantic Records. Receiving warm welcome and moderate success from the Midwestern US. After "SoKo" Wyatt, disheartened by a stagnant local music scene, began strumming and writing, taking pages from his life and blending His various musical styles. 


Multi-instrumentalist whom Started with linear in January of 1990, playing bass guitar, on the road with linear, after linear second album, Wyatt & Steve recorded and produced Ray Guell artist on Big Beat Records/Atlantic ,and helped record "The Best of Wyatt And Friends" for Hot Productions in Miami, Fla.


Their debut album, Paradise Will Be, explores the themes of hope, despair, loneliness, dreams, religion and politics. Drew formed the Trees after Perfect Stranger split up in 2001. He has created a unique soundscape based on his brass band and classical training, combined with various rock styles from his musical travels. Through the years, he has appeared with Nazareth, Huw Lloyd-Langton (Hawkwind), Then Jerico, Man and most recently Gavin Sutherland, providing the brass on several albums. Steve has mainly played for local bands in the North East of Scotland


Jam Toko is a rock band from Tokyo Japan formed in 2002, composed of three, they met when they were high school classmates. Akane: Vocal Miki: Keyboards and Vocal Jun: Drums, Back vocal and Guitar & Bass on recording. Every member has so long playing career. JAM-TAKO's music is so highly influenced by the 70's~ modern rock music. Each member love R&R, Blues, Country, Folk, R&B etc, Deeply rooted by American traditional music. 

Wyatt says:  " like I've always said whoever plays on Pauley Lane record, are part of t he band for that project", With respected musicians having bands fr their own, collaborated on the new ,to be part of the Band in the past Wyatt and Drew have collaborated and co-produced "Out of necessity " and on "Sophie & Wyatt " As well Recording w/Jun on the, "From Tokyo to Fla" EP


Album "THELONG ROAD BACK" . .Not to be short of an incredible musical experience, upcoming release in stores 12th November. 


Pauley Lane is Rock ‘N Roll, hanging out with friends by the creek, drinking an IPA, kicking around a hacky sack. So unfold a chair, pull up some friends, and crank up Pauley Lane. The band has recently signed to UK Label, Distributor and Publishers In-Ex Records their first album on the label “Dog Days” was released on 7th December 2018, which they then went on a UK visit to promote, including live appearance on radio. 

Wyatt proclaims:

 “I wanted to make music on my terms, my style, and my thoughts. 




Wyatt:  Wilco, The Replacements (Indie Rock):  The Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes (blues):  Butch Walker, Tom Petty (songwriting):





wyatt-jam -tako I know you guys will get the full credit this EP deserves. All t he best from , Mark - etunesuk 

"Wyatt , hope your doing incredibly well, and we are so t hankful to be able to help promote your new am azing EP and congratulations on your collaboration with "Jam - Tako"

George Roberts1 month ago
This is a great song Love everything about it . Melody groove band vocals all top notch . Nice amp Wyatt Looks like it's seen some travels

Commercial Zone4 months ago

Absolutely brilliant love love love the souful sounds here. Well done.

Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood2 months ago
Hard to focus on anything but the Band, my fav part most videos and R&B/Soul/Holla front man. Wyatt that axe- soulmate! You all are #Sick.

Spell-bound LB3 months ago
Oh yeah.. LOL I'm gonna share the hell outta this!!!
You have a Niiiicccceeeee refreshing sound and I Love the music A LOT!!!!!

Statichouse Music4 weeks ago
Nice to hear Soul music live, no loops or clips or sequences.