UK Indie Rock Band Making Their Mark In The Music Industry

Wild Horse are a young, exciting English rock band who’s recently released 2nd album “Songs about Last Night” has drawn comparisons with some of the UK’s very best exports from critics both sides of the pond.

“Tremendously well done, I’d skip school, college and anything else that is prescribed for “people who wash” and just get out there with this, it is the mark, or rather the marque, of tremendous talent and it alarms me how clearly superb the band is going to become.”
Geoff Baker – July 2018 from his review of “Songs About Last Night”

Brothers Henry and Jack Baldwin share the lead vocal duties.
Within Wild Horse you will find substle-ness and beauty incorporated with great backing.
Imagine Jagger sparring with Liam G and you’re getting close, throw in some classic rock riffs a’ la Keef’ over Ed Barnes’s powerhouse drumming and you can start to imagine what Wild Horse are about.

Deriving from East Sussex they are renowned for an exciting powerful stage show, having honed their craft from an early age at venues in London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Dublin, Worthing, VIP – Hastings Music Festival, Red Roar Festival – Gravesend, plus many many more venues & events.

Wild Horse received their first recognition by becoming 2014 “Rock The House” nominees and 2016 finalists.
In early 2015 Wild Horse signed with a New York record company who released original Wild Horse tracks on mixed EP’s leading to the release of their first album, “It’s Begun”, in January 2016, consisting of original material.
Now working with a UK label, Wild Horse recorded & released a further 18 original tracks during 2017 forming three EP’s, “On The Run”,It’s Only Rejection” & “Timeless Dancing”.
In spring 2018 they completed their second album “Songs About Last Night”, which was released on June 30th. They are now about to start recording their 3rd album for release in early 2019. Their tracks are available on all major digital platforms. The reviews have been brilliant and extensively played on over 40 radio stations worldwide.

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