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  • Pauley Lane Band is Set To Release Their Upcoming Album ‘The Long Road Back’ via In-Ex Records

    Rock and roll band, Pauley Lane is set to release their upcoming album called ‘The Long Road Back’ further expanding their creative capacity and creative depth. One of the songs from the album, ‘Funk U is a remix of the 90’s billboard hit single by freestyle boy-band LINEAR that is set to add an edge to their whole soundscape. […]

  • Jessica Ross Interviews Mercedes Barreto

      Jessica Ross is a well-known actress and reporter, appearing on television and in films; she has also written for several fashion blogs, been on reality TV, and done much more. Some of the media outlets Jessica has been featured on are Indie Activity, Heart of Hollywood, Entertainment Network Live, Action Magazine, Voyage LA, JAMO […]

  • Mercedes Barreto Has Bagged Herself A Deal With UK Most Client Focused Music Label

    Mercedes Barreto is a 21 year old young lady from Florida now residing in Argentina, performing under artist name “Mercede5”. Childhood days was very traumatic for her, having experienced bullying at school, it can either leave a negative or positive effect on mental and emotional stability. For Mercedes it was to be the latter as […]

  • The Calling Of Linear’s Former Boy-band Member Wyatt Pauley Was “Out Of Necessity”

    There are no boundaries when it comes to this resilliant, multi-talented Music Major whom thrives on the next singer/songwriter. Having toured the world and achieved his wildest dreams, it became evident to Wyatt the influencial ability he possessed from being lead guitarist in former boy-band “Linear”, it was “Out Of Necessity that Wyatt Pauley continued […]

  • Pauley Lane Band Featured Artist “Cox Rox” This Thursday***

    Pauley Lane Band the alternative, indie rock band Wyatt Pauley and Rich Pistocchi has recently released their first album “Dog Days” including popular tracks Five Fingers, 2 Steps Forward, Fame Faded not forgetting Mary Jane on their signed UK label In-Ex Records. Several of the tracks are presently being aired and play-listed on Fm and […]

  • Join Prs …..Last chance to support the Make Internet Fair campaign

    In February, PRS made us aware of the ‘Make Internet Fair’ petition which pushed for the European Parliament to modernise Copyright Legislation which, if introduced into EU law, will help creators receive a fair share of revenues when their music is used online. Sign the petition calling for a fair share of revenues when your […]

  • A New Pop Goddess Is Emerging……Her Name Is “Kivah”

    A New Pop Goddess Is Emerging and her name Is “Kivah” Kivah is a singer, songwriter, model and actress from Majorca, Spain. At the age of 15 she was the co-founder and lead singer of a Brit Pop band called “The New Flesh” based in Mallorca. When “The New Flesh” disbanded Kivah formed a new […]