Russia 2018 England World Cup Mascot Song Sponsored by “Great Ormond St Hospital”

The Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup  is only days away, we’re excited and hope you are too.

To help you get into the momentum and support the England squad “Bring It Home” by “The Lockerz” is the perfect mascot song.

The track was released by UK Label In-Ex Records 2016 in support of “Great Ormond St Hospital” and the fantastic work they are doing.

The team-mates from Locking Park Football Club were recruited by Weston-based producer, Colin Erison, who wanted to support England’s trophy bid in a song.
Since releasing the single Bring It Home, The Lockerz, have appeared on BBC’s The One Show on May 25 and the song has also had almost 200,000 views on You-tube and is available in all major digital download stores