“Nice To See You” The New Album Release Coming Soon From “Sennid”

The conquering lion Rastafarian reggae singer “Sennid” is about to release his debut album.
The album consisting of 12 roots, reggae and culture tracks will be in all major stores iTunes, beatport, deezer, juno, amazon an much more.

The singer has been in the industry for over 30 years, has a trailer load of back catalogues, most the world has never heard.
His music is inspiring and uplifting, his voice is smooth and mellow, combined is an individual whom is calm and placid yet has positive messages and vibes to send to the world, he does this in his music.

Listen “Nah Deal With Them” taken from the album https://soundcloud.com/sennid/we-nah-deal-with-dem-sennid-ft-remoh-in-the-vault-riddim-remoh-productions2016-1

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