MusMusic News: A Volcano Waiting To Be Erupted In The Music Entertaininment Industry Will Leave A Tsumani Effect

Make no mistake about Felch Mclean and Tovi Soul, to whom many has perhaps never heard about.
They have been background players in the music and entertainment industry amongst many of todays well known musicians including "Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths, Sean Paul, Shawn Antoine" to name a few for over a decade prior to releasing their own self composed and written compositions "Wil You Be There EP consisting of 7 individually instrumented tracks..

Their smooth naturally talented vocals are extraordinary and can be adjusted to accompany any live act and or performances as you can tell in this attachment. Ranging in genres including funky-groove, RnB, electropop, reggae, these two are presenting to us something new, exciting, fresh that will leave the listeners and audiences with a "bursting zest" for more.

Lookout for new single "Table Turn" coming to a store near you very soon.