Look Out For Beres Brown UK Tour

Although Beres Brown, Digicel finalist had a few complications along the way, he has not let let this dampened his musical career. Having released several singles including Weh She Come From prior to his first album Time Is Now on the IN-EX label, Beres is all set for his UK Tour commencing this February.

Check out this review from Mary Wood Brecon Indie Reviews on the album:

Originally shared by Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood
Review: “Time is Now’ Beres Brown Digital Album Release
I have listened to this diverse and dynamically talented Reggae Artist
over the past couple of months.
Admittedly, this has never been a genre with which I have completely connected.
That being said, I did love and respect Bob Marley who so well carried Reggae with a wide, Soul blend into the1970s, even touching some
“Blue-eyed Soul” and Motown, a carry-over from the genre roots
of the1960s.
In-ExRecords (@inexrecords) asked me to Review this pack
of Reggae tracks compiled make, ‘Time is Now,’ by Beres Brown. 

listen fracks from the album here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/time-is-now/1116687319

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