Former Pop Artist Chris Emerson Our Latest Signee

Chris Emerson former pop singer has bagged himself a record deal on UK based label In-Ex Records.

Montasia is an EDM pop duo whose collaboration started back in 1989 when singer-songwriter/producer, Chris Emerson and now long-time friend, collaborator, and Hip Hop producer Donald Poole. They originally started out writing R&B club music their first song to hit radio, was a mid tempo R&B love jam, that broke on ”WILD AM” called So In Love. It did very well at local black and college radio which eventually took them to major label meetings in LA and NYC, in the Black Music/R&B entertainment Department.

“On the way to Capitol records, I thought I was getting signed for sure, but it wasn’t my time”

Emmerson was refused by the majors in LA,  the label heads said:

“Emerson wasn’t urban enough for R&B, and he wasn’t angst ridden enough for pop”.

Another two years would pass, after being denied by “Motown” who saw the full potential of Chris but did not know how to market him, therefore nobody was willing to put their jobs on the line.

Chris eventually wrote a piano ballad called Baby’s Gone, and was signed to Empire/BMG, as a pop singer in 2000.

Emerson is best known for his songs made popular by TV shows in the mid 2000’s like Scrubs, and most notably his first single, All Because Of You, which was featured on Dawson’s Creek, and went to #22 on the Billboard chart. Subsequent singles went #28 and #33 respectively.

Emerson’s debut album took him on the road on a 2 year media and performance tour opening for Foreigner, Hootie & The Blowfish, Blues Traveler, Grammy winner, Sean Colvin, and the late Ray Charles meanwhile, Donnie was back in the studio working with Hip Hop artists like rapper ED-OG.

SONY acquired BMG, the indie label, Empire lost their distribution and got caught in the meat grinder of brick and mortar retail and digital downloading. After the record was shelved, several years passed, as Emerson continued to work in the studio on new material, in hopes of getting a new deal in Nashville-but no such luck, they said he was “too pop”.

We both EDM, and Donnie’s been programming a lot of tracks with reggae influenced beats, so we stared an electro reggae-pop EDM duo called Montasia, and we’re excited to sign with based UK label In-Ex Records!

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