Sogo Ogunyemi is a 31 year old Rapper, Singer and songwriter from Ekiti State, Lagos Nigeria.


His early childhood led him to aspirations of becoming a footballer, at the age of 10 Sogo joined his local church choir playing drumsets for God.  Ralising the talent he had, his career path directed towards the music industy.

Sogo's professional music career sarted in 2014, after the release of his first single "Sogo Noni" Followed by his major Mixtape "Oluwa Bless Me" No time" etc in the Afro-Pop genre . 
He has performed in several venues and shows in Lagos, including wedding, talent searches and rap battles, on Rock City FM in Ogun state.
since then he has been dropping songs back to back.


The journey has been one of learning and loving basically it has made me who I am today empowering, me the ability of starship


Having been discovered by his labels UK and US AnR Wyatt Pauley in 2022, he then got signed to UK label, publisher and distributor  In-Ex Records. 
Although loosing his dad when he was age 8, for Sogo this is just the beginning.....His Infusion of music is great stuff you should look out for.