Mercede5 is a unique one-of-a kind artist with a different sense of style


Residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina but raised in Palm Beach Gardens, FL., USA, she dedicates her time to the music industry, and other activities including the film industry, making her one of the most versatile and dedicated artists around.

Mercedes is inspired from the people around her, their situations, and ultimately just observing the tones of her whereabouts. Not interested in writing your average love-song, Mercede5 writes, sings, composes, mixes and masters, she does it all!

Soon to be releasing music in three languages, Mercede5 speaks fluent English and Spanish, and has obtained excellent speaking and communication skills in Portuguese, her music has no true genre, and only hearing it can make you understand this concept. By listening to this new genre of heartfelt dark chill-vibe music, you start to truly get a grounding for what this music is, and start to realize you have never quite heard anything like it before. 

Mercede5's concept at times;

it's good to step away from your work and take a look again at your craft hours away at a time, to truly perceive your art in the most perspective form possible.

Only then can you see and truly hear what is being created with the understanding of your audience, of your crowd. Hoping to share this feeling and perspective with everyone who stumbles upon her musical craft.

Mercedes most certainly hopes you will enjoy it too!!  


INFLUENCERS: Demi lavato Selena Gomez Sia Shakira, Linkin Park, Daddy Yankee

GENRES: Drum N Base, Electronic


I Know I'm Into You (album)

Teamwork Ft Tom Ricci