My name is Mercedes Barreto, I'm 22 years old  and I'm from Palm Beach Gardens, South Florida, USA (the 561), now residing in Argentina.

I was not always considered a talented artist, or talented, moreover. I experienced bullying throughout school and even though all the kids said I would never get anywhere with my dreams, music had become, and has always been, an escape.

At a young age of 8, having no clue of what music potential I had, or for my musical edge, or sense of style, I listened to what all little girls mostly listened to at the ages of seven and eight: Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, when they worked with Disney.

However, now that I am 21, much more mature cognitively and vocally, and with a clearer sense of style, I listen to Sia, Shakira, Linkin Park, Daddy yankee, and half of the time, if that’s not it, I listen to my own work, constantly improving.

"I've always written my own music and never used lyric from anyone else.

I would consider myself a talented lyricist, artist, producer, musician... I don't play any instruments the traditional way, instead,
I use more conventional methods that involve computer programs that have music notation in them and I pride myself on very high-quality production 
work and good production skills. I use all sorts of programs, from Finale Notepad to Studio One, to FLStudio, to Protools, etc. In high school, I received certification for editing videos and post-production. I also am studying currently to receive a degree in professional gastronomy.

I am quite the entrepreneur as I have a donut catering service, I work on four digital publications for my own digital magazine brand, and other various
projects on my schedule. However, music is my passion and my talent and something I truly feel that will take off, considering my desire to take music to more of a full time occupation.

I got my experience in studios with music production through various venues, such as with the Capitelli music school in Jupiter, Florida, USA. I also received some experience through the G-STAR School of the Arts in Lake Park, Florida, and that was were despite the hard times, I excelled in musical production and expressive creativity within my private collection of songs and projects.

Through time, my voice has found maturity and a base, which compared to my younger years of youth, my voice is deep yet interesting and unique,

despite comments from my young teenage life.


It took work, but I finally feel that I have found a grounding with my voice, and its style & feel."



INFLUENCERS: Demi lavato Selena Gomez Sia Shakira, Linkin Park, Daddy Yankee

GENRES: Drum N Base, Electronic


I Know I'm Into You (album)