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I first started writing music at the age of 15. At first I was only interested in music because I knew a lot of people that were involved in the music business and they were very good in what they were doing. Ever since, I decided I wanted to be as good as them and used this as an inspiration to extend my career. Within the next couple of years until I was 18 I had learnt a lot about the music game.
I was eager to find out what I really wanted to do so I attended college in 2002 and learnt a lot about the music business. I then realised my goal in life; I wanted to have my own record label. In 2004 I started work on this with the help from my own group and friends.

The people that inspired me the most when growing up were a lot of hip hop artists such as Nas and Jadakis, because they know where they come from and deliver so well. They can give you a straight message, as you need to hear. I am also inspired by a lot of UK underground scenes such as N.A.S.T.Y, roll deep and many more.
Having said that there are also two people that inspire me and that is my boys, Smiley Smuggler and Goldielockxnesz as they have kept me going and we work very well together.

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