D Sterling/Likkle D


I was born in Jamaica and now live in Berkshire and have always been a lover of music from an age that I cannot remember, and try to be the best I can be at all times.
I have been an artist from the age of eleven and have been performing at talent shows from the age of twelve. It was then my artist name “Likkle D” was born.

In December 2002, at the age of fifteen, I arrived in the UK and started to meet lots of new friends including Data, Smiley and Lockes.
Having got to know them, we started attending college together when they brought to my attention their group called Figure of Speech (FOS).
Data knew the passion I had for music so asked me to join the group and work together. We now write songs and share ideas together. We are looking to be there for each other at all times until the end.