Born in Saudi Arabia, I came to the UK at the age of 9 with my parents. I grew up and went to school in Newport, South Wales.
At the age of 18, I lost both my parents so I thought, life is too short, and decided to make something of myself
while I had the chance. It’s a big world and I believe you can be whatever you want to be if you put you’re mind to it, so I discovered a talent, which I never knew I had, and decided to get into music. I dedicated my whole time to writing songs and started going to a recording studio and learning the basics. I am hoping this will eventually lead to my own successful record label.

As a kid growing up I always listened to Marvin gay, Lionel Richie and Stevie wonder.
As time went on and I got older, my inspirations were LL Cool J, 2pac, B.I.G, Jay Z, Nas, The Game and 50 Cent.

My main goal in life is to be a successful musician and to become Britain’s number one R’n’B artist.

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