Beres Brown


Born Beresford Brown (aka beres brown), this 29 Years old Rastafarian was born in St Catherine and attended Whitemall Junior High and presently resides in Central Village.

Beres has made a big leap from walking and selling lotion and cologne to one of the most sought after act on the Digital Rising star’s stage.and also performing at Rebel Salute’ in 2012.

This Jamaican ‘Sample’, as Nadine calls him, has been singing from the age of 12, inspired by men like ‘Peter Tosh’ and Garnet Silk. Having Beres has joined a group by the name of ANG (Alliance New Generation) owned by Bounty Killer whom is his mentor.

His latest releases ‘Weh She Come From’  and Time Is Now (album) is on the In-Ex Records Label.

Beres is also known as a song writer, writing some of his own songs, and even writing for other culture music artist’s such as Ginjah.