I’ve been interested in music from the time I was in primary school, I used to put on shows with my friends in the playground at lunchtime. I was also involved in the choir and I did a solo in a musical. As I grew older, I was into ‘R n B’ and listened to artists like En Vogue, Salt n Pepper and Mariah Carey, but it wasn’t until I had finished college that I thought about writing my own music. I met a guy called Zash (now my best friend) and he started to produce my music and I would then write and record in his studio. The music I love writing the most is ‘R n B’, and my favourite singers are Aaliyah and Mariah Carey.

I have performed at the Reading Carnival and at Poptoys on South Street, Reading. I have also done a single that was on the ‘Talic’ compilation CD produced by Reading College.

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