Exclusive Live Radio Interview – Felch Mclean And Tovi Soul (D3)

He was a member of the church choir and also the head musician, where he found that he was gifted with talents way beyond only that.

Felch Mclean (Fabion Mclean) and Tovi Soul (Tovel Mclean) are an RnB/Soul duo deriving from the parish of St Catherine, Kingston Jamaica.

These two extremely talented singers, songwriters and composer whom has always walked a step behind, has remained in the background for too long despite their extraordinary talent.

Having released their brand new EP Will You Be There consisting of 7 beautifully written and well composed tracks, each with their own instrumentals combined with these two golden voices showing off their unique vocal versatility,

An Exclusive Live Radio Interview

Will be taking place tomorrow morning on http://www.suncityradio.fm/ 20th February 2018 11:35am EST and 15:45pm GMT. Tune in to familiarise yourselves with these two choir boys

He was a member of the church choir and also the head musician, where he found that he was gifted with talents way beyond only that.

whom has excelled and worked alongside many of today’s well known artists including Chris Martin, Shaggy, Cecille, Marcia Griffiths, Sean Paul and many more a programme not to be missed.

The EP was released only days ago 14th February 2018 on In-Ex Records Label, a small label est 12 years out of the UK, presently making a name for themselves and globally gaining a lot of attention.


Never Leave, Too, Lie, I Wanna Be, Will You Be There, are just a few of the amazing  tracks from the EP that will leaving you wanting more…LISTEN NOW below on Mixcloud. https://t.co/qFfOjHtKZx

Buy Here https://t.co/ROeGIe6nGH

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New RnB Valentines EP Release Hitting Your Stores Valentines Day

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Three magic words…..






Say it with new Valentines EP release from Felch mclean and Tovi Soul on 14th February. I Mean It, Under The Moonlight, you got me Speedin, Never Leave, Will You Be There, I Wanna Be, ,Too Lie.



These two Rnb vocalists are more than just a pretty face.  Their musical journey commenced from their fathers  sound system to their church choir prior to forming a group. Felch and Tovi’s talents were yet to be discovered until Shaggy introduced the group to Robert Livingston of Scikron BigYard Music, where the music became a forefront focus to the group.

Music has been one of my most valuable passions.


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