About Us

In-Ex Records est; 12 years, is not only an Independent Record Label, but also registered Prs and Mcps members.

We specialize in unsigned and Indie artists and are ready to take your music career to that next level. We also ensure all royalties due are received, something most distributors do not want you to know about.

The company was founded by Senior, whom himself have a wide knowledge regarding the music industry. Having grown up in the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica, he came across many of todays well known famous reggae artists and musicians, including Admiral Tibet, Ninja, Ansell Collin, Luciano and more who found it difficult getting themselves recognised within the bigger record labels and publishing companies. Having observed up until today, the same problem still exists, hence the reason In-Ex Records was formed.

Initially we started off with the producing of some local teenagers (F.O.S) whom obtained a live interview with then BBC radio presenter Linda Serck at their Berkshire office Reading. We were approached by other artists which led to us promoting a stage performance at the Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading.

Having produced and released several materials, un-fortunately this did not last long, put it this way, the grass is not always greener over the other side. At this point we decided to concentrate on our first business, in the property sector, whilst in the background, composing tracks, these tracks are defined in our latest releases.

After all thats said and done WE ARE BACK older and wiser.
Why Choose Us……Simple As ABC……

a) Our interests are our artist’s not the amount of money we can get out of them.

b) More than a label – Due to our experience and extensive knowledge about the music industry, we know all the boxes to tick, saving you a lot of time and money.

c) Trust…this is a ‘cut throat’ business, from the top to the bottom and everyone else in between.

Submit Your Music to admin@in-exrecords.co.uk or contact us with your enquiries.

Please feel free to drop us an email should you have any questions.

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