I was born in Czechoslovakia but grew up in Mallorca,Spain. I always felt passion for music and then suddenly Madonna appeared in my life when I was 11. Since then she has been my favourite artist.
When I was 15 I formed a band of Brit Pop called “The New Flesh”. A few months later we did our first performance, which was the starting point for a series of concerts. We also recorded a demo, performed on local television such as channel 4 and channel 37 as well as interviews on different radio programs. Four years later “The New Flesh” concluded its musical career.
After 6 months together with a member of “The New Flesh” we made a new formation called “The Innocents”.
We recorded a demo with 5 tracks as well as performing in a series of concerts,in July 1995 “The Innocents” disbanded.

In September 1996 I decided to move to Madrid to continue my own musical career. I also worked as a model.
I started taking up singing lessons with the renowned singing teacher Connie Philp for three years. I also seeked lessons from Alicia Arreque, the opera singer Cristina Nieto and Edith Salazar who was giving singing classes in the TV show “Operacion Triunfo”.

I have recorded a number of jingles for television and cinema spots and also recorded some chill-out music distributed by Café de Mar. I’ve also been a member of a gospel choir called “The Gospel Living Water”.
Since I was with my first band I always wrote my own lyrics so I thought I could record my own demo. I met my producer and we were working on a few tracks and these are the results.
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